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This site is just a little placeholder for code snippets, howto’s, nice-to-know’s and some private ramblings. Don’t expect lengthy blogs where I ramble about today’s color of my underwear. I’m not that much of a blogger. I have one more blog site on the same server where I will blog about some personal opinions, but that is not a site I wish to advertise here. I do like it though that Kai Hendry, the debian maintainer for Wordpress, made it so easy to host multiple sites on the same server.

Now what is Foo Bar Quux, you ask? These are meta-syntactical variables, or in more common terms, nonsense words that are very common in Unix and Linux documentation. As a Unix nerd I tend to use them pretty often myself. Since this blog space will not have a pinpointed theme, nonsense words seemed the perfect title. Now these words are commonly the first, second and fourth meta-syntactical variable. I skipped the third which is Baz. I’d like to make an excuse of just using powers of 2 to stay close to the computer-nerd heritage.

Finally I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rob Wolfram, as you probably suspected I am a Unix administrator. I am 45 at the time of this writing (Epoch 1195159251), am married to Martha and have three children, Romana (16), Timothy (12) and Steven (18) (order is FL2R in the picture). I live in Lelystad, the Netherlands (52°30′28.2″N, 5°27′31.7E). I’m not much of a coder but the few scripts that I have written and which might be useful to others will be shared right here.

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